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$90.00 | 66 Euro
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Since the beginning of time, thousand years ago, flowers were created in the world someway exactly like we were created, and even before human beings. Nature was glorified and respected. People were even afraid from “Mother Nature” as they used to call it. Why? What is the reason behind people and generations that holy the nature and honour it like it is God by Himself? Nature was their protector as well as their predator. If they were good, it was beside them, and if not, the nature would punish them for being such rude persons.

From these behaviours, we understand nowadays the nature, its characteristics and elements. Flowers are considered as the most beautiful and sweet of these elements. Associated with many colours and forms, it has a significant meaning delivered once we give it to someone. Since that, everybody tried to be the first and the number one in the flowers field. It is a lovely domain to work at, because flowers are tender and indicate usually love and friendship. It is a business where we are always happy, and have no problems with each other. We feel relaxed and seem to be happy all the time.

Flowers to Oman is one of the successful, the most successful one, flowers shop in the city. It is the most accurate online shop in the area: Flowersoman.net . Because it offers a wide range of services to its clients, no matter what they like or what are their preferences, they will definitely find what they are seeking for. Oman flowers, despite the hot weather found most of the days, are always fresh. This is the reason of our unimaginable success in Oman and in much many other countries worldwide. We work with a great team of specialists and experts that are awake all the time in order to find new ways to satisfy the clients. They tend to see what’s new in the flowers’ field and do not surrender at all. They also try to be intellective persons who are interested in everything new, every single idea that can be executed with originality. That’s why we always see beautiful arrangements along with nice bears or small gifts that can be send in all the occasions we may be invited to in our lives.

Flowers of Oman are great. They are taken care of in order to meet the clients’ standards and qualities. They require high quality, freshness, amazing smell, and long lasting life. We, as Flowers to Oman, promise and keep our promises. We promise that we don’t cheat. We promise that we offer exactly what we say we will. We promise we won’t let you down, whatever your demand was. We promise that we will be at your service 24 hours per day, so you don’t have to think twice before contacting us. And if it happens that you have any proposition about a new concept or anything that can be useful to you, we will collaborate together in order to make it real.


Two days ago, I ordered an ordinary bouquet of flowers for my sister. I really was not expecting that freshness and beautiful smell. It was really great.



I received yesterday a magnificent arrangement that contains red, white and pink roses with a small teddy bear that has an innocent face. It is adorable really.



Last Monday, at 2 a.m. my sister gave birth to a boy. I was very happy and didn’t want to go to the hospital without getting a bouquet or some balloons. You were very fast and I didn’t think that you will respond at that hour. Thank you.



I adore the way you deal with all your clients especially online. We don’t have to be at your sight in order to get the better service we can.



You have no idea how much I appreciate your collaboration with me when I asked you to create for me a nice arrangement that I had in mind and was not in your list.


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